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The company's principal activities include engineering services executed by experienced professionals who have worked in the aerospace industry and in the Brazilian aeronautical authority (CTA/Anac).

Contracts are based on the entire project, ie. once the scope of work is defined, project completion and final approval, within contractual deadlines, become the highest priorities (we focus on the goals of our clients).

Company History

LHColus Tecnologia Ltda. was founded in 2008 by engineer Luís H. Colus to provide aeronautical engineering consulting services. For over 25 years Luís has worked with aeronautical authorities and in industry (EMBRAER) as a partner in the development of the fuselage for the ERJ170/190.

Based on strong demand for services in this area, the team has grown with new participants increasing capacity to manage a wider range of larger and more complex projects.

The company is 100% Brazilian owned, located in São José dos Campos, and features exclusive members in the aeronautics field.


LHColus team

Key Areas

Certification of modifications to aircraft type, or to individual aircraft with authorities (CTA or Anac).
Project design and structural analysis in the aeronautics field.
Analysis of structural repairs not mentioned in aircraft manufacturers'manuals; Management development programs in aerospace.
Management of design projects in the aerospace field.
Consulting on procedures for the validation of foreign aircraft in Brazil.
Finite Element Modelling.

Main Features

Project design and engineering working simultaneously to create viable solutions with lower costs, following weight restrictions, and maximizing performance of the final product.
Experts accustomed to to complying with government regulations and/or specifications proposed by clients.
Quality standards for delivery of work in line with the requirements of the regulatory bodies (Anac/CTA) to guarantee that products and documentation will be approved.
Is certified with RCE for structural projects and interiors conferred by Anac.

Working Tools

Structural engineering — Nastran.
Design/Project — Autocad, Solidworks, Catia.
Program management — MS Project.
Specialized library — Vast collection of books, technical publications for aircraft manufacturers, reports written by authorities (FAA/EASA/Anac) and other reference works gathered over more than 25 years of work in the field

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