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Embraer KC-390 Program


Development, qualification and production of troop seats and litters system
Development and manufacture of the RBD (reconfiguration distribution box)
Structural analysis and project modification of the assembly of ballistic protection (for Aerotron)

Qualifying tests on subcomponents by the LHColus team or by suppliers following our specifications

Development phase static tests completed successfully

Development phase dynamic tests completed successfully

Simulated structural analysis models validated by results from real-time testing

Successful conclusion of the CDR and initiation of the industrialization of equipment


Suppliers of selected systems



Industrial plant with the goal of making all parts of composites in autoclave

Project Scope
NOVAERCRAFT Aeronautical Ventures Ltd. has an agreement since Jul/2010 with LHColus technology, with the aim of:

• Preparation of a preliminary certification plan to be prepared for a future certification process with aeronautical authorities;
• Define and/or contribute to the project solutions, structural calculation and various other issues that affect compliance with the
requirements of FAR/RBAC 23;

• Aeroelastic analysis for preparation of a preliminary structural configuration that meets the requirements of FAR/RBAC 23.

The aircraft T-Xc Pilgrim:

novaercraft _T-Xc_2.jpg
novaercraft _T-Xc_1.jpg

FEM T-Xc Pilgrim:

novaercraft _T-Xc_4.jpg

Composite parts T-Xc Pilgrim:

MLG T-Xc Pilgrim:

Structural analysis with solid elements of main undercarriage, representing the contact between movable surfaces

novaercraft _T-Xc_3.jpg

PLANAIR - PL-010 - Ag CurianGO

Project Scope
Planair Aerospace has an agreement in place since Jul/2008 with LHColus Technology with the aim of:

Following the certification process by the Anac, assisting in the definition of certification strategy of aircraft PL-O010;
Holding meetings with Anac on behalf of Planair to present and discuss the criteria for design and calculation for aircraft PL-010;
Finding project alternatives, calculating and communicating issues to Anac;
Preparing certification reports in all areas of product engineering.

The aircraft PL-010 CurianGo:

planair_PL-010_Ag CurianGO_1.jpg
planair_PL-010_Ag CurianGO_2.jpg

FEM PL-010 CurianGo:

planair_PL-010_Ag CurianGO_3.jpg
planair_PL-010_Ag CurianGO_5.jpg
planair_PL-010_Ag CurianGO_4.jpg
planair_PL-010_Ag CurianGO_6.jpg

FEM PL-010 CurianGo:

Main landing gear development:

Static substantiation using NASTRAN;

Static ultimate tests to validate FEM and demonstrate compliance with FAR 23;

Dropteststo evaluate Nz.

Coupon tests PL-010 CurianGo:

Characterization tests for composites:

Environmental conditioning tests;
Static mechanical tests in RTD, LTD and ETW conditions.

planair_PL-010_Ag CurianGO_8.jpg
planair_PL-010_Ag CurianGO_9.jpg
planair_PL-010_Ag CurianGO_7.jpg

Missile Launchers

Project Scope

Missile manufacturers/installers have contracted LHColus technology, with the aim of: 

Structural design and sizing of launchers.


BRADAR (formerly ORBISAT) - AntennaM M-200 ("turn key project" including manufacturing)

Air traffic control antenna, 200 km range


BRADAR INDÚSTRIA S/A. has an agreement in place since Jun/2011 with LHColus Tecnologia, with the aim of:
Define or contribute with antenna design solutions, motor sizing and structural parts manufacturing for the M-200 antenna;
• Aerodynamic loads calculation of antenna and structural analyses that meet these loads with rotation and survival condition in wind
speeds of up to 180 km/h. Additionally, there are severe stiffness requirements; only small deformations of the antenna are acceptable.

Rotating antenna of 200 km range:

Design and structural sizing, as well as manufacturing of all parts with composite materials and of the metallic truss interface between the
antenna and the engine base.




Reinforcement Truss - Base:


Photos of manufacturing:


Other projects

TAM executive aviation - Development and approval of structural repairs on aircraft with pressurized fuselage;
Training from Anac specialists hired by the company DCA-BR (various);
Training in South Korea for a government research center (KARI) interested in developing an aeronautical authority (2008).

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