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Aircraft modifications

Many aircraft modifications executed by LHColus Tecnologia Ltda. have been approved by Anac as follows:

  • 40 processes of aerosurvey systems installation;
  • 20 processes of cargo conversion systems installation;
  • 60 processes of GPS's installation;
  • 20 processes of other kinds of modifications (aeromedical, parachuting, re-enginning, etc…).
  • See http://www.anac.gov.br/certificacao/PST/index_pst.asp and filter the responsible "LHC".

    Aerosurvey systems

  • Modification of aircraft configuration
  • Load calculations
  • Structural analysis
  • Project implementation
  • Large openings in the structure
  • Installation of equipment racks
  • Electrical installations

  • Aeromedical configuration

    Cargo Conversion

    Beacon Light installation

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